Luke’s new exercise glasses from the Eyeglass Shoppe in Leamington

Published On September 14, 2015 | By Luke Nugent | Afternoons

For years now I’ve wanted to get exercise glasses. My wife and I work out when we first get up. Alarm goes off anywhere from 5:15-6:00am. I wear contact lenses during the day, and if you wear lenses you know that putting them in that early is like sandpaper. So I’ve had to wear my eyeglasses, which I don’t like.  I don’t like sweating all over them. It ruins the pads, and they aren’t made to be used like that so it’s hard on them.

Talking to a sales rep at the station I found out that there was this new eye doctor place in Leamington called The Eyeglass Shoppe. Owner’s name is Darren White, so I gave him a call.

IMG_0591 trying on different frames IMG_0761

(trying on different frames, and the custom ones on right when they arrived)


Here’s where I ask you to please not think I’m a snob lol. I’m an Oakley fan. The company does great research about fit and resiliency and they focus on usability instead of just looks. I already own two pairs and my exercise glasses had to be Oakleys. That’s the only brand I’ll buy.

And to my pleasant surprise, The Eyeglass Shoppe has a great Oakley set up! So I went in. Full disclosure: I received these glasses at no charge, but to be very honest, like seriously for real honest; I would’ve went to him no matter what. I’ve seen lots of eye doctors over the years. They have a tendency to be… pushy isn’t the right word. Rushed is more like it. You can tell them things you prefer and it’s usually met with a little resistance. And if they’re not resisting they’re rushing. For some reason eye places are very rushed and busy. You feel like you gotta pick your frame NOW, ask your questions QUICKLY.  This Darren White was a breath of fresh air. He’s educated and professional, but man is he easy to work with. Any time I went in for a consultation setting these up he was just calm and so easy to talk to and ask questions.

IMG_0765 IMG_0588

(TOP: Darren White, owner   BOTTOM: Luke makes constant Star Wars jokes while being fitted)


So I got my frame… then it was on to the lenses.

“You want prescription right?”, he asked.

“heh heh yes… but I was also hoping to get them transitions”

I have no idea how the magic of transition lenses work, but every time I’ve brought this up over the years to different places I was met with a little bit of a frustrated sigh (there’s that good ol’ resistance). But Darren actually kinda got excited.

“oh right, yeah ok I see your vision now. That’ll actually be really cool. Yeah for sure we can do that”

Imagine that, he’s excited about his work and about doing something interesting.

IMG_0874 IMG_0889 IMG_0894

(looking pretty fly for a white guy)


So it was set. He ordered the frame custom for me, it came in quickly and I went in to get measured. He sent them off and boom before I knew it I was getting a call to come try on the finished product. So cool! After years I finally got my prescription, transition, workout glasses! I still marvel at how it darkens outside. Again, it’s like magic to me. I even use them to do yard work sometimes if I’m too lazy to put in lenses. I love ‘em, it’s everything I always thought they’d be! Lol!

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter where you live. Windsor, Belle River, etc. It’s all Essex County and it’s worth the drive to Leamington to see Darren at The Eyeglass Shoppe. It’s actually a new location, he’s got one in Chatham too. You won’t regret it.





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