Here’s the problem with Suits

Published On July 19, 2016 | By Luke Nugent | Afternoons

Have you seen Suits? It’s been gaining lots of traction in the public eye lately. I think it being on Netflix has opened it up to people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great show. But my wife and I have been around since it began. We were on Suits back in like 2012 before most people were aware of it. And now that it’s getting popular, it’s too bad because the show is starting to suck. Here’s why… (also, SPOILER alert)


1) Any long narrative inevitably gets it wrong

The problem with TV shows or movies is that they have to be eventful. Life isn’t full of crazy ups and terrifying downs. Real life is pretty steady. Minimal blips up and down, with rare major ones like buying a home, switching jobs, etc. But when we watch any type of show, it needs those crazy ups and downs.

Which works real great in the confines of a movie. You’ve only got two, three hours max. You can have a definite story arc with some great elements in there. But, when you get to a TV show… well it goes on for years. Years and years. Vampire Diaries is going into like Season 8. That’s almost a decade of storyline.

Here’s the golden paradox: You can’t possibly have crazy ups and downs, AND keep things the same, WHILE maintaining any sense of realism.

You just can’t. In Suits you have the name of the company changing, merging with another company, people launching life-defining lawsuits against each other, etc. If this were a movie or heck even a trilogy, great. It would work. But Suits is on season 6. Either they stop having things work out (because it isn’t realistic), or they go into zany-town where nothing matters, making nothing that happens on the show impactful because we know it’ll just work out in the end anyways. See what I’m getting at? You can’t have it both ways on a TV show.


2) You have to continually up the game or else it gets stagnant

And this leads to the next issue. In any movie, show, etc if you have sequels you need to make it BIGGER, BETTER, MORE EVENTFUL than the last one. It just has to be. Or else it feels small and weird. Leading to the similar problem as above. Once you go so big, you can’t really go any bigger. The Avengers is a perfect example. The first one was about the UNIVERSE almost exploding, man. So uh… where do you go for the second one? It felt small and almost low budget.

Right now the only storyline Suits has left after nearly destroying the company is to have Mike be discovered and sent to jail. And they’ve done that. So then what? He gets out and…

I mean come on. One of the main characters is in jail, and no one works at the law firm anymore except the three other main characters. All the employees left. Accountants, interns, receptionists, everyone. That’s… is that even realistic? And if it is, you would just shut down. That’s it. Company is over, nobody works there. They’d be sued into oblivion, you’d read about it in the papers, and that would be it. But no, this is a TV Show, so they’ve gotta pull out of it somehow!


3) The writers picked the wrong way to approach it

Do you remember Season 1? Man they had a GREAT formula going for like a good four or five episodes. It was this:

-Harvey does something cool

-this episodes’ “bad guy” comes along and tries to take Harvey down

-almost succeeds

-at the last second Harvey pulls out a Hail Mary and wins in the end

That was brilliant. They could’ve done that forever. Have like 3-4 different variations of it, and it would all work. However they decided to go in the “gritty” and long-drawn out storyline direction instead. You can actually see it shift around the end of Season 1. And it feels different. “Oh that’s… hmm that’s kind of different for this show eh honey?”


4) They’ve got nowhere else to go, which makes me lose interest

Borrowing from points above, so what happens when Mike is released from jail? They’ve blown the ONE thing this show was about: a genius criminal with a heart of gold pretending to be a lawyer.

That was it. That was the whole premise. And now it’s over.

Where on earth are they supposed to go with it now?

When this inevitably happens with every show that gets drawn out, it becomes boring and they start going in circles. And then we lose interest because, eh, they’ve done it before. Don’t get me wrong, I think the actors are incredibly good, and I love the vibe and humor of the show, and I hope for the actors’ sake it’s on for years to come. But after they’ve kinda done it all… what’s left?

This is why I don’t usually like TV Shows. They fall into the above traps every single time. Whereas movies don’t have that luxury. They’ve got one or two 2.5 hour blocks and that’s it.


5) People want things to last forever, and that’s bad

If you look at society right now, you get to another pet peeve of mine. No one wants to grow up. “I can’t adult today”. They want to be kids forever and nothing changes la-la I can’t hear you no one is aging, etc. No one wants anything to end. Once a show starts, they want it to last for YEARS, DECADES. And they want it to stay the same. So because TV networks like making money, they keep these shows on for years, decades, etc.

Things come and go. Enjoy it for what it is and move on.

I finally just watched the movie Sicario. One of the best I’ve seen in years. But I was dismayed to hear there’ll be a sequel. You can’t pull the same magic trick twice.

Same goes for TV shows.

So good luck Suits. I love you guys, just hope it can either turn around, or die an honorable death.


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