How ignorant. Neighbour leaves note that starts with “Hey Handicap”

Published On March 19, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

A woman from Ohio who recently lost her leg in an accident and now uses a prosthetic received an ignorant response from a neighbour at her apartment building.

Ashley Brady was happy to learn that her complex had finally installed a handicapped parking space for her since she’s had a very tough time struggling with relearning how to walk, especially with the ice and snow.

So when a neighbour parked in her spot, she left a not asking them not to.

And this is what she got in response:


Brady said she was completely blown away by the note.

“I read it probably like 5 times over and over,” she said, “Because my brain just couldn’t even process the level of mean that it was.”

A picture of the note was posted to Facebook.

Brady said she has received many encouraging responses.

“I got a lot of feedback online from a lot of other amputees who have been in similar situations,” said Brady, “You’re not just going to get what you want by being bullying. She told me to cry to someone who cares, so I went to the internet and it turns out a lot of people care.”

She has filed a complaint with police and her building managers.

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Image credit:  Ashley Brady

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