Ladies, want a less argumentative, more complimentary guy? Check out his fingers!

Published On March 23, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

Alright guys, have a look at your hands.

Which is longer? Your RING finger or his index finger(ie your peter pointer)?

A new Canadian study says you can tell how nice a guy will be to women, by his fingers.

The study from McGill University says, basically, the shorter a man’s index finger is compared with his ring finger, the more likely he is to be nice to women.

So longer ring fingers mean he will be more complimentary, listen more and will be more likely to compromise.

On the other hand, guys who have short ring fingers or whose index and ring fingers are close in length, well ladies, you might want to avoid them.  They’re more likely to be an argumentative pain in the tush.

Researchers say it has to do with the hormones – chiefly testosterone – men were exposed to in their mothers’ wombs.

More on the study HERE

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