Police seek couple in Ohio who had their cat…on their hood of their car

Published On March 25, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

Police in Ohio are trying to track down a couple who were seen driving…with their cat on the hood of their car.

A witness snapped a picture of the cat, who was leashed, on the hood of their vehicle, WHILE it was in motion.

Police say the people may have been on their way to Cleveland.

The lady who took the photo said, “I looked over and glanced to my left and thought ‘Is that a cat on the hood?’ ” she said.

“It was walking around and it was not happy to be on the hood. People around the car were staring at the cat — quite distracted,” she said.

Surveillance footage from a gas station in New Philadelphia shows the couple taking the cat for a walk before heading inside the gas station. When they left, the cat was placed back onto the hood of the vehicle.


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