Start scrubbing!!! Hand washing dishes helps with children’s allergies says study

Published On March 18, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

Sorry kids, but now there is even more reason for you to help with the dishes.

A new study from Sweden has found that youngsters who eat off dishes scrubbed by hand rather than cleaned in a dishwasher are significantly less likely to have allergies.

The finding adds to an increasing body of evidence that suggests getting a little dirty does the immune system good. Many speculate that the reason kids develop so many allergies nowadays is because their environments are just too clean.

Researches surveyed the parents/guardians of 1,029 Swedish children ages 7 to 8. They found that children in homes where the family hand-washed the dishes instead of using a dishwasher were less likely to have allergies.

Only 23% of children whose parents used hand dishwashing had a history of eczema, compared with 38% of kids whose families mainly used machine dishwashing. The researchers also found that the result was amplified when kids ate fermented food or food bought directly from farms.

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