New study says exercise does not battle obesity

Published On April 24, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

A new editorial in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine” is causing some people to jump for joy.

A study by 3 international experts says it’s time to bust the myth about exercise … physical activity, they say, has little role in tackling obesity.

Instead public health messages should focus squarely on unhealthy eating.

While activity has a role in battling diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, its impact on obesity is minimal.

What the PROBLEM is, they say, is excess sugar and carbohydrates.

Bottom line: An obese person does not need to do one iota of exercise to lose weight; they just need to eat less – cut out sugar and carbs.

However, critics say the article appears to undermine evidence-based government public health advice, and it’s “idiotic” to rule out the importance of physical activity.

I wish they would make up their minds!!!

I say just keep moving, eat healthy, REALLY watch that sugar and those carbs and you’ll be good!  It’s all about balance.

Here’s more on this new study >>>

Of course, exercise is still important for staving off diseases like diabetes and heart disease…

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