A new study says forget your BMI (body mass index)…just grab some string!!!!

Published On May 13, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

Forget your BMI (Body Mass Index)!!! Apparently all you need if you want to know if you are an unhealthy size is … a piece of string.

According to a new study at the UK’s Oxford Brookes University, measuring your height with a piece of string, folding it in half and then seeing if you can easily get it round your waist may be a better way to find out if you have an unhealthy amount of body fat.

Scientists are beginning to realize body mass index may not be the best indicator of a person’s fat level or the best predictor of their risk for health problems like heart disease. Instead , this new study says string will do just fine.

Traditional BMI has long been known to overestimate the danger posed to those with heavy bone structure or large muscle mass and underestimate the risk to people who carry large amounts of fat around their middle.

The study has found that fully a third of those classified normal by a BMI test would be found overweight by the string method. Checking the waist-to-height ratio is not only more accurate, but far simpler to do.

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