Picture of couple getting engaged at wedding sparks outrage

Published On May 29, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

What’s one of the worst things you can do at a wedding? (besides not show up for your own?)

How about upstaging the bride???

A couple from Iowa got blasted this week for getting engaged…at a wedding.

A picture appeared on Reddit recently, which showed a man on bended knee in front of his girlfriend in FRONT of the bride and groom.

Many people ripped apart the pair for stealing the newly married couple’s thunder.

“Nice way to upstage the happy couple’s big day” wrote one person on Reddit.  Others thought they should pay for the reception because they made it about them.  Some other comments included:

“How to lose friends 101.”
“I love the bride’s half-happy reaction. Inside she is brimming with rage.”
“Why do guys still do this? I thought this was a well-known unwritten rule.”
“During my wedding, my brother in law proposed to his girlfriend. It was horrible. We don’t talk anymore.”

BUT as it turns out, the ‘indecent proposal’…was actually the bride’s idea!!! 

Seems that the idea was suggested by the bride — who happens to be her sister — so they could share their special moment with the family.

The newly engaged woman, identified only as Megan said, “The groom of the wedding actually held my engagement ring the entire trip. Everyone in the Reddit picture knew the proposal was going to happen except for me!”

She revealed that she was the maid of honour at the wedding, and her now-fiancé was the best man.

But what do you think?  Is it still okay to upstage the bride like that EVEN if it was her idea?

I don’t think I would do it, but to each their own!

Plus, what would happen if he’s on bended knee and she says NO??? lol.  That would be awkard.

Read the whole story.

Photo: Reddit/Imgur


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