Kitchen gadgets you need to ditch immediately

Published On June 2, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

MSN Food and Drink is out with a list of kitchen gadgets we need to get rid of immediately, in order to save space.

If you kitchen space is limited – and whose isn’t? – you have to be selective. There are some things YOU can do yourself that these gadgets or tools promise you, without clogging up your counters.

For instance:

Salad spinners:  I have NEVER been more annoyed with a kitchen gadget than this one. Okay yes, I did but a cheapish one, but the lid never did fit and it was impossible to hold it AND crank the wheel with only 2 hands.  The spinny lid would launch off like a helicopter rotor and lettuce would go flying all over.  Frustrated, I gave up.  Experts say ditch it and instead rinse lettuce under cold water in a metal strainer and let them stand in the sink for 10 minutes, giving them a shake every so often.

Knife blocks: They say the purpose of this counter-space hogging monstrosity is to keep your knives safe and dry. But actually the hunk of wood often becomes a dirty grease-magnet rather than a safeguard for your precious steel. Instead, hang a magnetic strip to hold your knives out of the way.

Other items they say you should get rid of in your kitchen? A scale , olive oil mister, garlic press, egg separator and – I know some of you will freak out over this (I am too because I actually WANT one of these)  – but a stand mixer. Noooooo!

Those stand mixers are the ultimate status symbol in a well-used kitchen – they come in a plethera of pretty colors for those who want to “have it all.” But, unless you need to make vats of fresh whipped cream or stock a bakery each morning, use electric beaters or the good ol’ metal bowl and whisk method for your basic baking needs.

(still think I’m gonna get one lol)

For the full list go HERE


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