SO CUTE: Lost stuffed tiger goes on adventure at Florida airport

Published On June 25, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

If you have ever lost your favourite stuffed animal as a child, you know how devastating it can be. I lost Pinkie the elephant at our cottage when I was 7 and thankfully found him a year later, a little worse for wear, but still intact.

Well one boy felt that same sickening feeling when he realized that Hobbes, his beloved stuffed tiger handmade by his aunt, was left behind at Tampa International Airport earlier this month.

After calling the airport to report the tiger missing, Owen Lake’s mom Amanda got a message from the airport. The 6 year old’s buddy was safe and sound at their Lost and Found.

Not only that, but Hobbes was having QUITE the adventure.

Airport Operations manager Tony D’Auito remembered a story about an English museum taking a lost stuffed lion on a photo shoot and decided to do the same.

So he took Hobbes on a tour, stopping by the air traffic control tower, even buying him a gelato, playing Jenga, hanging out with firefighters and riding a luggage cart. Hobbes even got to work out in the employee gym.

And of course, D’Aiuto took photos of his time at the airport AND even printed out the pictures and put them into a hardbound photo book, which he left along with tiger at the Lost and Found counter for the family.

Talk about service!

So sweet!

To see Hobbes on his adventure, go HERE

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