The REAL reason you get red eyes after swimming: It’s not chlorine…

Published On June 22, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

You know when you’re in your pool and you get those red eyes and you blame the chlorine?

News flash. It’s not the chlorine causing you to get the Visine out.

It’s pee.

Yup, according to an official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s not the chemical that causes you to have red or itchy eyes after a day in the pool. It’s urine.

Michael J. Beach, Ph.D., associate director of the CDC’s Healthy Water program says, “Chlorine binds with all the things it’s trying to kill from your bodies, and it forms these chemical irritants. That’s what’s stinging your eyes. It’s the chlorine binding to the urine and sweat.”

Also, you know that cough you get from being in an indoor pool and you blame chlorine for irritating your lungs? Again, it’s pee. Beach says that the cough you can get from an indoor pool is also caused by the chemical reaction

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Image credit: Vic Brincat via Wikimedia Commons

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