FABULOUS! Seattle retirement home features daycare to bring young and old together

Published On October 15, 2015 | By Keri | Middays

Love love LOVE this!

There’s a retirement home in Seattle that brings the elderly and the young together.

Five days a week, children ages 6 weeks to 5 years interact with residents of Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement home, whose average age is 92. Activities range from musical hour to story time to art classes.

Through the Intergenerational Learning Center, a day care inside the retirement home, young and old come together.

According to Evan Briggs who shot a movie about the program, residents did a “complete transformation in the presence of the children. Moments before the kids came in, sometimes the people seemed half alive, sometimes asleep. It was a depressing scene. As soon as the kids walked in for art or music or making sandwiches for the homeless or whatever the project that day was, the residents came alive.”

Director Charlene Boyd says different generations spending time with each other is important.
“I think it’s really important that these elders aren’t out of sight, out of mind. All of us are aging and not all of us will age in these perfect ways,” Boyd said. “Just because I’m in a wheelchair or a walker, or just because I have dementia, doesn’t mean that I’m not human anymore, and those children are learning humanness at a very young age.”

So super. Did I say that I love this???   ;  )

Read more about this fabulous initiative HERE and make sure you watch the video below!

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