Leave those leaves!! Stop raking says National Wildlife Federation

Published On November 4, 2015 | By Keri | Middays


Some good news for those of us who hate that annual fall clean up.

The National Wildlife Federation is reminding people to stop raking leaves as it alters the habitat for all kind of critters including chipmunks, butterflies, earthworms and turtles.

They say that not only are those dry, dead leaves good for plants (mulch) but they help wildlife survive in the colder weather.

Leaves break down and fertilize the soil, plus many insects etc live or deposit eggs in them.

They suggest if you HAVE to get rid of them, compost or recycle them and use a rake, rather than a leaf blower which creates noise pollution etc.

Spouse needs more proof that you shouldn’t be raking this weekend?  Check out benefits HERE

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