Greener Bins Composting Company

Published On June 20, 2018 | By Toni Bruner | Middays

Dane Fader is a 21 year old University student who noticed a major food waste problem in Windsor-Essex.

He took to the streets, literally, and put his creation, Greener Bins Composting Company to work.

“HOW IT WORKS: Every week we give you a bucket, you fill it with your food waste and leftovers, and the next week we pick it up and leave you a clean, empty bucket! The buckets are completely SCENT-FREE and PEST-PROOF, so you never have to worry about bad smells or fruit flies (or worse) EVER AGAIN. If your garbage stinks right now, it’s because of the food waste…which we take off your hands! BONUS: We’ll be providing FREE finished compost (delivered!) to any customer who needs some for their garden. All this service (We’re so happy to say) will only cost $30/month!”

Get all the details here and listen below to Dane explaining more about how it works.

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