LITTLE HERO: 5 year old’s touching gesture feeds homeless man at Waffle House

Published On May 20, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

Ava Faulk and her son Josiah were eating dinner at a local Waffle House when they spotted a man with his bike holding a bag outside the restaurant.  He’d never seen a homeless person before because he asked his mom why the guy was so dirty, and he got upset when she told him he was probably hungry and no one had waited on him yet.

So he told her THEY needed to make sure he got something to eat.  And once she agreed, he walked up to the guy’s table all by himself . . . brought him a menu . . . and said his lunch was covered.

The guy seems so nice too!!  He thanked Josiah’s mom and said just a plain hamburger would be fine.  But she insisted he could get more than that.  So he asked if he could get bacon on it too, and she told him to order as much bacon as he wanted.

What an amazing kid, and great job mom!!


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