LOCAL VIRAL VIDEO: Windsor man and his dog ‘Chance’ have a confrontation at a local dog park

Published On May 6, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

Matt Clingan just wanted to take his dog to the Memorial Park dog park on Monday!

Matt took his little 1-year-old dog Chance to a part of the dog park he says is for smaller dogs when two women with larger dogs allegedly showed up and an argument ensued.

*** no charges were laid, and we hope all pet owners take the proper precautions to protect their pets!

Listen here, we had Matt on the show this morning:  (and feel better, Chance!)



***updated:  no fines or charges were handed out.

Matt seems like a great guy, we hope ALL dogs are ok, and of course we hope every pet owner can learn a little something from this.  We’re honestly sure the ladies in this video are very nice too and were just caught in a bad situation.  Play nice, people AND pets!!


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