Ontario parents OUTRAGED after eight-year-old told to put on her top at public pool

Published On June 24, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

After visiting a wading pool near downtown Guelph on Saturday, Anika Warmington is leading a fight to let her daughter swim without shame.

Her two sons and her daughter, Marlee, didn’t have their bathing suits with them so they took off their shirts and went in with just their shorts.

A lifeguard asked her how old she was, then told her to put a shirt on.  Her mom, obviously, was not happy:

pool1From an interview on therecord.com:  “Essentially the city of Guelph is sexualizing girls from the age of four and that’s disgusting,” she said.  “These policies send a message to young girls that their bodies are somehow provocative and shameful and should be covered.”

*The province of Ontario has no restrictions on women appearing topless in public places, but certain municipalities have their own rules with regard to proper bathing attire.

This mom has a lot of supporters, but also a lot of people who say her 8-year-old should get used to covering up.  What do you think?

Listen here to hear what one of our listeners thinks:

(from http://www.therecord.com/, photo from http://newsletter.urgentcarelocations.com/)

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