WATCH: One AMAZING proposal… and one that’s not so good

Published On June 4, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

The proposal above is AMAZING!  The guy told his girlfriend that his brother wanted them to be in an action movie-style video he was making, where people would shoot at them from a helicopter.  Then at the end of the last take, the guy got down on one knee, and she said yes. (and great poduction value… I’d totally watch that movie!!)

Then there’s THIS dude…  a guy proposed to his girlfriend in their car outside a MCDONALD’S, by hiding the ring in a Crispy Chicken sandwich box.  Then he asked her to check how much mayonnaise they put on it.  And she thought it was so lame, she said NO.

He claims he did it because they went to the same McDonald’s on their first date, and she joked that he’d end up proposing with a ring in a Chicken McNuggets box.


*** we think it’s probably staged.  Notice he interior lights of the car are on the whole time, he puts the ring on her right hand instead of her left, and she doesn’t say anything about either.

But if it’s REAL, I think he could do better.  What kind of reaction is that???  Haha.  Poor guy.  She should have been much more McHappy.

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