A Cop Busted a Shoplifter, Then Bought Stuff For Her Kids

Published On July 15, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

(photo from kshb.com)

A woman got busted trying to shoplift $300 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Kansas City, but something pretty special happened.

A police officer named Mark Engravalle responded to the call.  When he got there, he saw the thief was a mom named Sarah Robinson, who was with her six children . . . and she was trying to steal diapers, children’s shoes, and baby wipes.  She started crying when she told Mark they were homeless and living out of their car.  And he saw that three of her kids were barefoot and had dirty feet.

So he decided to help.  (He went into the Walmart, got diapers and wipes, and sent Sarah’s 16-year-old daughter to get shoes for her sisters.  He paid for everything, and said he helped because he’s a father of two.  He also wrote her a ticket for breaking the law, and her case is pending in municipal court.  Listen here:

*word got out about Sarah, and Mark’s police department got more than $6,000 in donations for Sarah and her family.  They even helped her set up a savings account.

Nice guy… and not a bad looking dude.

(photo from pvpost.com)

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