J.C. Penney employee sent home for ‘revealing’ shorts… that she bought in the J.C. Penney career section

Published On July 30, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

And now, a phrase I never thought I’d say:  That J.C. Penney outfit is just too sexy!

Here’s the basic story:  this 17-year-old girl named Sylvia works at J.C. Penney, bought a pair of shorts from their ‘career’ section, and was then told that she can’t wear them to work because they’re too revealing.  So she quit.

It’s like the revealing prom dress thing all over again!!  True, they shouldn’t sell them in the career section if they aren’t good for a career at J.C. Penney.  Very ironic.

But one thing this girl will have to realize if she ever wants to have a well-paying career:  if your boss says to wear something more professional and you just quit, that might be on you.

Is this girl just looking for attention or does she have a point?

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