Mom goes VIRAL with letter to her 13 year old son:

Published On September 21, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

A single mom who was fed up with her entitled 13-year-old’s attitude is getting a lot of love on the internet!  Estella Havisham’s son Aaron was skipping school, talking back, and failing to do chores.  When he bragged to his mom about the “stacks” of money he’s making with his YouTube videos, Mom had just about enough.

Here’s the letter that she wrote:

mom letter
** UPDATE:  To any parents who think she’s going to far, here’s her updated response:

Let’s get serious!… I am not wanting him to pay anything. I want him to take pride in his home, his space, and appreciate the gifts and blessings we have. I wrote him a ‘bill’ to make a point. Nothing comes free.


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