WATCH: 72-year-old grandma is SHOCKED when Taylor Swift is joined on stage by Mick Jagger

Published On September 28, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

Here’s what her daughter posted:

My mom has had a lifelong dream of going to a Stones concert, but due to a serious health issue this past year she missed their tour. It was upsetting to her and a big disappointment.

She flew to Nashville 2 days in advance to rest up for the big night, we had floor tickets and so she was on her feet much of the time.

Needless to say, when Mick came out it was like he walked on stage just for her.

She is a fan of Taylor as a person and thinks she is a great role model for my daughter. And that was why she made the journey.

Thanks everyone for helping share the video. My daughter is taking grandma’s moment in the sun well, considering we went to Taylor for her!!

Just look at how happy she is.  Amazing!

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