NOT VERY NICE: You won’t believe what a customer wrote on her bill…

Published On November 12, 2015 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

Jessica Morris was working at restaurant in Centerville, Ohio, last weekend when some newlyweds came in to celebrate their honeymoon and sat in her section.

The newlywed wife didn’t like that Jessica made her groom laugh.  The message on receipt read: ‘He’s my husband, find your own. Good luck :)’

Wow.  Insecure much??


Jessica responded with Facebook letter shared more than 50,000 times: 

“Dear Jenny, I would like you to know, the server that was in the section across from mine IS MY HUSBAND.  Which I found on my own, and looks better than yours.

Also, I would like you to know that I’m sorry MY HUSBAND treated me to a cruise for my honeymoon and not a restaurant.    As well as, MY HUSBAND would never let me feel so insecure that I would feel the need to write such a terrible note to a server and make them feel the way you have.

P.S.  My husband said you can sit in his section next time . . . that way you won’t have to be so worried about your husband ‘flirting’ with a server.”
*OK, so Jessica kind of seems a little bit of a meanie too.  No need to insult the woman’s husband, he was just sitting there!!  haha.  Today’s lesson: if you can’t be nice when you go out to eat, stay home!

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