VIRAL VIDEO: Sea Lion grabs little girl!

Published On May 23, 2017 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

A family got the scare of a lifetime as a sea lion drags a young girl into the waters at the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf, Richmond B.C.

We are SO glad this little girl is OK, but the big question remains:  What the hell is wrong with these people??  You can see the sea lion literally try to bite her once, yet the family stays right where they are and she actually gets CLOSER to the water!!  Plus, people are actually throwing food to this guy, as if he’s a pet.  Come on people… he actually has LION in his name.  Would you got to the jungle and throw meat to an actual lion, or go to the woods and taunt a bear to get a perfect selfie??

People really need to start respecting nature.  Anyway, this family is sort of in hiding right now.  I guess they’re pretty embarrassed.

*also, as you might expect, hundreds of people are flocking to the dock to get a look at this famous sea lion.  Just be careful, people!!  They aren’t called sea ‘kittens’, after all.

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