CUTENESS ALERT! Win $100 from Milestone Studios

Published On June 20, 2017 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

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We took our daughter Alex to Milestone Studios a few weeks ago and we are so happy that we did!  I really was not prepared for how much better their pictures would be than the ones I take at home.  I mean, we have a nice Canon SLR camera and a couple of new smartphones, how much better could they be, right??  haha.  Well… turns out they are WAY better!

Terri and the staff at Milestone absolutely blew us away.  This isn’t your typical Portrait Studio, it wasn’t ‘come in, sit here, smile, try this pose, smile, now sit here and smile, etc’. We literally had Terri working with us for like 3 hours. She made sure that both mom and baby were happy the whole time and we were never rushed when we had to take a diaper change or feeding break or when Alex was a little fussy.

On top of that, they have a beautiful change-room for wardrobe changes AND they have the cutest props and most professional lighting and photography equipment I’ve ever been around.  They also have an incredible space for wedding photos (don’t worry about the weather!), head-shots (because you know you’re a superstar), baby photos (obviously. Terri is a total baby-whisperer!), and more. You can even bring your own photographer in if you just want to use the studio! Give them a call or stop in, you won’t be disappointed.  Talk to Brent Groh, Terri McPherson, or Ted Kloske at 519-969-1114

Alex loved it, Jess loved it, and even as the grumpy cheap dad who hates getting his picture taken, I loved it.

Post MILESTONE on this Facebook post and you could win $100 off your session. Even if you don’t win, see them anyway. We’ve got these photos of Alex forever now.

And now, please enjoy the cuteness of little baby Alex’s first photo session…  this is just a small sample, and just think about how cute it will be when it’s a baby you actually know!  😉



519.969.1114 or [email protected]

3449 Walker Rd.
Windsor, Ontario

Oh… and they also do pets  😉 

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