Morgan’s kitchen: Have you heard of a MINI Reno?

Published On August 24, 2017 | By Kendal Malewicz | Mornings


With the babies on the way – more people are going to be in my kitchen, helping, visiting etc. My counters were an EYE SORE. I painted the walls and re-furbished the cabinets right when we moved in, but lord did those counters not match.
I wanted a Facelift NOT a full blown renovation. Especially being 4 months pregnant. If I couldn’t access my kitchen I would have cried.

I went to Counter Effects in Leamington. Former Midday Gal Keri had her kitchen done by them and I trusted her opinion. The selection of Laminate was incredible, I was there for almost 2 hours. Much of that was spent chatting with Gina, but the selection was massive.

Why go with Laminate and not quartz or stone? We’re going to knock down a wall eventually and didn’t want to ‘waste our money’.
This is what we chose.

We decided to also get an undermount sink – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It’s my fav thing about our kitcen now! It’s a dream sink because you can wipe crumbs and liquid straight into the sink (no exposed rim to catch crumbs and dirt)! And room for two babies 😉

They delivered my new counters and sink on time and on budget. They installed them and took away the old sink and counter tops too. They were at my house for under an hour!

It’s the trust that comes with 20 years of experience, the recommendation from a friend, and the customer service which is why I went with Counter Effects!

I can wash Baby Bottle in style now!

Visit their showroom in Leamington or go to




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