VIRAL VIDEO: A Cheerleading Squad’s Dads Do an Entire Routine for Their Families

Published On May 3, 2018 | By Jay Marchillo | Mornings

A group of dads in Iowa wanted to honor their cheerleader daughters who were headed off to a national competition.  So, during a sendoff on Friday they surprised them by performing an entire cheerleading routine.

But there’s a second part to the story.  One girl’s father couldn’t be there because he’s deployed overseas . . . so each of the dads gave her an American flag, and then a bouquet of flowers.

And then it got even better when they showed the girl’s dad on a giant video screen with his National Guard unit in the Middle East.  He apologized for not being with her, and then joined his unit as THEY all performed a cheerleading routine!  Whaaaat?!?

So tonight our Koach dads stole the show. And Adam's toe touch is impressive 🖤#thekoachway

Posted by Trina Belzung Flack on Friday, April 27, 2018

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