Don’t Miss The Blues Stones CD Release!

Published On April 2, 2015 | By Theresa | Weekends

The Blue Stones new album Black Holes is incredible!

They are releasing it on April 10 at The Walkerville Theatre wsg The Locusts Have No King and it’s your only chance to get a physical copy (for now at least).
This duo is definitely getting noticed; their tracks have been featured on TV shows like Parks & Recs and Suits, they were named a bandcamp best seller and they are working with people like Ian Blurton & Jim Diamond! Super impressive.
I will have them on the phone on Sunday to chat about all these accomplishments so make sure you tune in!
For more details about the CD Release, check out facebook.

Here is their video for Rolling with the Punches, from their last release ‘How’s That Sound?’

And for your long Easter weekend, a spring playlist!
April 5, 2015 @ 11a


Jackie Robitaille – When I Was A Little Girl
Max Marshall – Back Through the Meadows
Tara Watts – Hello Sun
Allison Brown – All the Birds
Dhani Marshall – Sun Spots
Justin Latam – Barefoot
Crissi Cochrane – Sleep in the Wild
Mr Chill – Rolling Thunder
Travis Reitsma – Willistead Park
Locusts Have No King – Come One Come All
The Blue Stones – Rolling with the Punches
Interview with The Blue Stones
The Blue Stones – The Hard Part
Johnny West – Defenstrate Your Heart

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