Riley’s Rest for the Best Winner!

Published On June 15, 2018 | By Kelsey Coon | Contests

Riley’s Rest for the Best Winner!

Congratulations to our Rest for the Best Father’s Day Contest winner brought to you by Mix 96.7 and Riley’s

Jurica  Moric

Jurica’s Wife  nominated him for the following reason

 “ Jurica is not only an amazing husband he is the BEST Dad! Totally involved in his biological child and his step child’s life! Recent diagnosis of a lifelong illness for his step child, he has been to every meeting and researched so much to be well informed to help his child grow and live the best long life. Working hard to support his family even on those days when he REALLY doesn’t feel like it. lol We all have those days. Playing with his toddler son, making him laugh and learn everyday. His love for his family is shown in every way possible including (but not limited to) the love & respect he shows to his wife, the laughs he shares with his kids, the special bond and time spent with each child. He LOVES to relax on the couch after the kids are gone to bed and it is time to unwind. We had to get rid our old recliner about a year ago. He has back & neck pain some days and i believe a recliner would alleviate some of that pain for him. He truly is an amazing man.”

Jurica is taking home a state of the art, award winning recliner with a design inspired by luxury vehicle seating from Riley’s!



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