A suffocating amount of confetti unloads on Ed Sheeran

Published On November 23, 2015 | By Keri | Entertainment News

Ed Sheeran and  the British band Rudimental performed ‘Lay It All On Me’ on X Factor (UK) Friday night and BOY did they lay the confetti on them.

An obscene amount of paper fell from the sky, so much that it was hard to even see Ed or the band.

And just when you thought it was done, more rained down.

Afterwards Ed could be seen removing pieces of paper from his hair, and even reached into his pants to free them of confetti. It’s amazing nobody suffocated.

Good-natured Sheeran also seemed overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of paper and asked presenter Olly Murs: “Who’s idea was this? Bad idea.”

Twitter also went nuts.

“Well they’ve certainly upped the confetti budget,” tweeted Warren Braax.

Laura Parrish tweeted: “Feeling sorry for the poor intern who needs to sweep up all that confetti”.

“Confetti must be half price or something this week,” Meldin Odoom said.

(the insanity unleases at the 1:45 mark)

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