Hollywood superstar rumored to have learned he is HIV positive

Published On November 12, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

There’s word going around the Internet that a male celebrity has been “outed” as HIV positive.  Supposedly, he’s known for at least two years, and he’s dated several high profile women.



No names have been revealed yet, but his conquests allegedly include, quote, “an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality, and a glamour model.”



Here are a few more clues to this guy’s identity:  He’s middle-aged and notorious for, quote, “one night stands, drug binges, and encounters with prostitutes.”  There’s no word how he contracted HIV, but there’s a lot of room there to speculate.



He hasn’t wanted to come forward because he didn’t want the disease to ruin his career . . . but it’s starting to become an open secret in Hollywood.  Also, he’s bracing for possible legal action from sexual partners who think he put them at risk.


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