Katy Perry’s Dad Defends Her Against Angry Christian Mom

Published On November 13, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

KATY PERRY’s parents are VERY religious.  They’ve come to terms with her life as a pop star . . . but not everyone has.



Katy’s father Keith Hudson was recently confronted by an angry Christian mother, who’s FURIOUS that he’s raised such a “wicked, Satanic woman” . . . who’s, quote, “leading millions to hell” . . . including her son.



She said, quote, “My kid watches your kid’s videos, and it’s sending him to hell, because of the choice he made, because of your daughter and your lack of discernment and direction . . . and I have nothing to do with my son because of that.



“Shame on you!  You’re not a parent.  You will be held accountable for what you’ve done and allowed her to do.”  It’s interesting that her son’s choices are Katy’s fault, but Keith’s daughter’s choices are HIS fault.  That’s some questionable logic.



The woman is identified only as “Christine” . . . and she posted video of the confrontation online.  It’s over two minutes long, and it starts with Christine addressing Keith as, quote, “the daughter of Katy Perry.”  (???)



Keith handled it calmly.  But later, he said he was worried that Christine would physically assault him.  He also said he feels sorry for her.



WARNING: There’s some questionable language, and some not-so-Christian tone.



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Photo: screen shot

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