Larry David Wins $5000 for Calling Donald Trump a Racist on ‘SNL’

Published On November 9, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

DONALD TRUMP hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and the critics were mostly bored.  The material wasn’t great, and Trump isn’t much of a comedian or actor, so it was bound to underwhelm.

The show had its highest ratings since January 7th, 2012 when Charles Barkley hosted with Kelly Clarkson as the musical guest.


Many Latino advocacy groups slammed NBC for hiring Trump and protested the show. One group even offered $5,000 to anyone in the studio willing to interrupt the show by screaming “Trump is a racist” or “Deport racism” during the live broadcast. Larry David, who reprised his role as presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, stood up during Donald’s monologue and called him a racist.

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Photo: screen grab



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