Ronda Rousey Got Knocked Out by New UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champ Holly Holm

Published On November 16, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Even though HOLLY HOLM was a world champion boxer before she switched to MMA, NOBODY gave her a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating RONDA ROUSEY at UFC 193 on Saturday night.



Very few people even expected her to get out of the first round.  But not only did she get out of it, she DOMINATED it with her boxing.  Then, in the second round, she KEPT dominating, before KNOCKING RONDA OUT with a kick to the face. ***



UFC President Dana White spoke afterwards and said Ronda was, quote, “completely bummed out and depressed.”



It took until Sunday night, but Ronda finally broke her silence with an Instagram post saying, quote, “I just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support.  I appreciate the concerns about my health, but I’m fine.


“As I had mentioned before, I’m going to take a little bit of time, but I’ll be back.”



Ronda’s time off will include starring in a remake of “Road House”.  Obviously there’ll be a rematch with Holly eventually.  But for all we know, she won’t even be champion anymore by then.  (Watch the knockout here.  And you can watch the full fight here, until the UFC has it taken down, anyway.)



Some of Ronda’s past opponents had fun with this on social media, including Miesha Tate and Bethe Correia.  Even LADY GAGA got into it, mocking Ronda’s lack of sportsmanship at the beginning of the fight.  Donald Trump is glad she lost, too.



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