Serena Williams stops would-be phone thief

Published On November 7, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Surveillance footage of SERENA WILLIAMS chasing down the man who tried to steal her phone hit the Internet yesterday.  If you somehow forgot the story already, Serena was at a restaurant with a friend when the man grabbed her phone right off their table and ran.



But she ran after him, and caught up to him outside the restaurant, confronted him and got it back.  The 17-second video shows Serena running out of the restaurant, then catching up to the guy on the sidewalk.



And it looks like Serena exaggerated a little.  She really didn’t “run” after the guy, because HE wasn’t running.  She just sort of half-jogged to catch him.  Also, there’s no evidence of her “leaping over a chair or two” as she claimed.



There’s no video of her going back into the restaurant, so we don’t know if the supposed “standing ovation” she spoke of actually happened, either.  But hey . . . she still did more in that moment than most of us probably would have.

SuperRena. Movie role next? Action film? Let's do this.

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Up up and away!!!

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Photo: screen grab


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