Some big changes to the kids of ‘Stranger Things’ in Season 2…

Published On October 20, 2017 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

Season 2 of “Stranger Things” is just ONE WEEK AWAY and the kids will be a little bit more foulmouthed than before.

Co-creator Ross Duffer says, quote, “They’re much more foulmouthed in season two than in season one, but in real life it’s far worse.  I’m like, ‘I cannot believe that came out of your mouth.'”

“Then I wrote Netflix saying I’ve got this army of 11- and 12-year-olds and they’re pissed off that we cut all the language.  At least let us shoot alternate takes.  That was, like, the day before we started shooting.  And then Netflix said OK.”

“Stranger Things” Season 2 premieres Oct. 27 on Netflix.


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