Danny DeVito saved Michael Douglas’ life by doing what???

Published On September 21, 2018 | By tessacooper | Entertainment News

Danny DeVito was on The Talk this past week when he shared a story from back in 1984. Danny claims he saved Michael Douglas‘ life by sucking POISON out of his hand after he was bitten by a snake in Mexico! Danny said Michael was showing off on the set of Romancing the Stone and picked up a snake with his bare hand.. and it (obviously) bit him.

“I’ve always heard the best thing to do is suck the poison out . . . so I did!  I grabbed his hand, and I’m spitting all over the place, and I say, ‘Boy, it’s a good thing this didn’t bite you on the b___s man . . . you’d be a dead man.'”

…. yuck

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