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Middays on the Mix

Middays on the Mix
Monday ~ Friday (9am-3pm)

15 Facts about Toni!

1. I married my high school sweetheart 10 years ago and we have an awesome 6 year old daughter.
2. I am only 5 feet tall.
3. In addition to only being 5 feet tall, most of my shoes come from the children’s section.
4. I’ve been told I give great hugs
5. I am a bit geeky and love all things Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars
6. Okay, maybe I am a little pop culture obsessed, period.
7. Speaking of Star Wars, I am often compared to R2D2 due to a squeal I let out when I really laugh.
8. I have a few (mostly hidden) tattoos, mostly pop culture related (see number 6)
9. When I’m not on The Mix, you can normally find me volunteering and raising funds for many of our well deserving non-profits in Windsor-Essex. #givewhereyoulive
10. In addition to number 9, I’m also a theatre lover and very active in the Windsor-Essex theatre community.
11. I have a huge sweet tooth and my absolute favourite thing is salted caramels or chocolate.
12. I could give you a top ten list of movies, television shows, music and books at any given time (again, see number 6)
13. I also host a weekly local show called Infotainment on we-tv.ca
14. I have two adorable dogs and two calm cats.
15. There’s a handful of acts I’ve seen 10 or more times in concert, and many more than 5 times!

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