Morgan Ryan

Morgan Ryan

My Bio:

As a young girl in Windsor Ontario people would always comment that my twin sister and I had a unique tone to our voice. “You should be on the radio”, they would always say. Pair those comments with high energy and a knack for entertaining, and it was an easy decision to want to get paid to talk for a living. While completing a double major of Communications and Drama at the University of Windsor, I began to focus my efforts in broadcasting (after discovering that I couldn’t act). Many late nights manning the ancient sound board at CJAM, the campus radio station, and an internship at the popular Detroit station,
WDRQ with Jay Towers and the Morning Revolution, gave me a taste of the big market and kindled my appetite for the broadcasting game. Fast forward to one year after graduation, and I was in the Cayman Islands for what I thought was going to be a quick 6 month excursion. This adventure turned into a more permanent stay (6 years, believe it or not) and the revival of my passion for radio. I was co-host of the #1 Morning Show in Cayman: The Breakfast Buzz with Jason and Morgan on Z99. I was also Z99’s midday announcer. With the end of that chapter another one begins in Leamington Ontario with Blackburn Radio.


Find more at, You Tube Channel: Morgan Ryan


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