Mornings With Jay & Kendal

15 things you didn’t know about Jay & Kendal


1. I’m never early
2. I have a triple major in lying on my resume
3. My favorite piece of clothing is my Calvin Johnson jersey. Go Lions!
4. My favourite TV shows include Futurama, Veep, and The Office. I prefer the British version but I’ve got a soft spot for the American one. (that’s what she said)
5. You might be surprised to know that I used to be afraid to get my hair cut
6. My first car was 1987 Mazda RX7. I could barely fit inside it but it was super cool!
7. I haven’t made a phonecall that’s lasted more than 2 minutes since 1989
8. My house is spotless by guy standards, it’s a mess by wife standards
9. I have a cat named Stevens. He’s 13 years old but doesn’t look a day over 11
10. I met my wife at a radio station in Saskatchewan.
11. NOT SO FUN FACT: I used to live in Saskatchewan
12. My record collection is impressive. Not so much in size, but in quality
13. I suffer from Erotomania. (Google it, Jennifer Lawrence)
14. I always fully complete assignments


1) I play the guitar.

2) I live for Coca Cola. I’m obsessed with pop.

3) I am fanatical over Taco Bell. I know the menu off by heart

4) I love the taste of hose water.

5) I make my bed & vacuum my house every day.

6) I immediately turn my phone off when “Dateline NBC” comes on.  Best. Show. Ever.

7) The biggest misconception about me is that I talk about horses a lot. I don’t.

8) I never sit at a table at a restaurant. I only sit at the bar.

9) I pronounce the word ‘milk’—- M-E-L-K.

10) I could re watch the entire series of “Felicity” on the daily.

11) I am NEVER late.

12) I ALWAYS have gum on me.

13) I created the stand-up surfing program on the Flowrider at Adventure Bay here in Windsor.  I love to surf!

14.) My 2 favorite meals are my dad’s cabbage rolls and my mom’s spaghetti.

15.) I love when people smell good; I love a good cologne or perfume.

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