Mornings With Jay and Morgan

Mornings With Jay & Morgan


Morgan’s bio, according to Jay:


morgMorgan grew up in the small town of Twintopia, where everyone has an exact duplicate and nothing is as it seems. After a fairly successful stint as a Doublemint Gum spokesperson in the mid ’90’s, she and her twin sister hijacked a pirate ship to the Cayman Islands where they pillaged and plundered for six glorious years.

A freak parrot-related accident caused her to hang up the hook and seek calmer waters in Canada.  She takes great pleasure in a good sea shanty, long peg-legged walks on the barge, and dueling to defend her honor. Morgan completed a double-major in Communications and Drama at the University of Windsor, although recently rumors have surfaced that one of those majors was actually completed by her sister.  (Those twins are crafty!)

Using her fabulous acting skills, Morgan was able to convince radio stations in Detroit, the Cayman Islands, and now Windsor that she knows what she’s doing.  Bravo, Morgan.  Bravo. But really, Morgan is super funny and one of the nicest people you’ll meet.  Listen weekday mornings from 5:30-9:00am, if ye dare.

Jay’s bio, according to Morgan:


jayjayMeet my co host Jay. Before his 4 year ride at Mix 96.7, he had a humble upbringing in Winnipeg Manitoba, where he learned to love all things Titanic and Sex and the City thanks to the influences of his mom and 2 sisters (ask him about honey dill sauce, he’ll be delighted to tell you all about it).

A football star, math genius, frequently mistaken Nick Carter doppelganger, he knew his height and looks weren’t getting him anywhere 😉 So he hid behind the microphone at his first gig in Dauphin Manitoba and set his sights on the big city of Windsor (after meeting his super fun wife Jessica of course).

Flash forward to 2014, where he’s been waking up Windsor and Essex County every morning with his quick wit, passion for a good movie or video game, and the love of a good dog or cute baby video (seriously, check his blog, chalk full of cute babies).
– Can’t get enough Jay? Tune in weekday mornings from 5:30 – 9am

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