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Tuesday September 25th (For NJAD Masquerade ball tix)

Q:  On average, we have 7 pairs of THESE

A: Blue jeans

Monday September 24th (For NJAD Masquerade ball tix)

Q:  A survey found that the average man loses THIS at age 53

A: His sense of style

Friday September 21st (For PAULA ABDUL tix)

Q:  Over the years, Paula has accumulated HOW many pairs of shoes??

A: About 300!

Thursday September 20th (For PAULA ABDUL tix)

Q:  What instrument did Paula play when she was a little girl?

A: Tuba!

Wednesday September 19th (For PAULA ABDUL tix)

Q:  What was Paula Abdul’s “first” job?

A: She began her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers at the age of 18

Monday September 17th (For PAULA ABDUL tix)

Q:  Paula Abdul is a dual citizen of these TWO countries…

A: USA and Canada

Friday September 14th

Q:  The number one white lie is “I’m fine.” What’s the second?

A: “I’m on my way!” or “I’ll be there soon!”

Thursday September 13th

Q:  72% of married women say they hate September because their husband DOES THIS “all weekend long.”

A: Watch football! Congrats to Louanne, Jennifer, and Louis!

Wednesday September 12th

Q:  20% of men are jealous of their best friend’s WHAT?

Hint: Physical feature

A: Hair! Congrats to Dan who called in and guessed correctly!

Tuesday September 11th

Q: 45% of people would rather pay bills than clean THIS

A: Their shower

Monday September 10th

Q: 43% of women say buying (or shopping for) THESE is stressful

A: Jeans

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