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We’ve all been there. You’re dating someone… and you no longer want to. Of course, the classic questions run through your mind. How do I end this? How will they take the break up? Do I end it over the phone or in person? Well, look no further! You now can break up with your future ex in the most savage way, and in my eyes a total cop out. You can now get Mark McGrath, yes, Mark McGrath the guy from Sugar Ray to dump your poor boyfriend/girlfriend. You may be considered the most pathetic person in the eyes of your new ex… but at least you didn’t have to have the super awkward adult conversation with the person you once loved at one point in your life?

For the low price of $100 you can have Mr. McGrath dump your “loved one” in a video message. If you feel like this is the right way to end your relationship, check out I will say, this might be the most pitiful way to end a relationship… but at least your $100 will be donated to charity. Which is probably the only upside of hiring someone (regardless if they’re a celebrity) to break up with your boo.

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