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Once and a while (maybe twice a year) I find myself stepping away from social media. I still always have my phone with me in case someone texts or calls me, and of course for my obsession with checking the time and weather. But to me, it’s healthy to unplug. Constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatever else affects us mentally.

I’m not the only one who likes to unplug for long periods of time. Ed Sheeran reached out to his fans on Instagram (32.2 million to be exact) to fill them in on his plans for 2020. For the second time Ed has decided to step away from social media. He changed his profile picture to a simple “BRB” and explained to his fans that he would be taking a break. But not forever! The Brit will be back. During his social media break he plans on traveling, reading and most importantly WRITING! Fingers crossed that he isn’t just writing in a journal, but will come back with some new music for his fans.

Cheerio Eddie!

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