NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Our Favs Going Head To Head

By: Tori Roovers


Mix Mornings with Jay & Tori

We at Mix LOVE Fridays for another reason besides it being the weekend.

Fridays typically mean new releases, and the music odds were in our favor today! Today’s releases are SO big and SO good that it sparked a bit of a debate in our studio.

All of Canada rejoiced when we heard that two pop princes hailing from the motherland were collaborating on this song.

Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber blessed us with “Monster”, a single off Shawn’s upcoming album “Wonder” (out December 4th).

Check out the song & music video here:


But at the exact same time, Miley Cyrus gave us a single of her upcoming album “Plastic Hearts” (out next Friday, November 27th). Oh, and it features our favorite girl Dua Lipa!

The song’s called “Prisoner” and as a listener so accurately pointed out, it sounds a lot like Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical”.

Hear/watch for yourself:


We hate to pit so many of our favorites against each other, but we had to. Mostly because we only have one spot on this weekend’s Hit List for our “Hitbound Track”, which we use to showcase a song we think is gunning for a spot on the charts.

So, we have to ask…which do you like better? VOTE on our IG story & Twitter NOW! 

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