Has It Hit You Yet?

By: Jay Marchillo


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I don’t mean “do you have the virus yet?”   I mean, has it HIT you.  What the world is like now and what this all actually means for how we live our lives.

Something happened this week that drove it home for me.  It wasn’t a relative getting sick or anything serious.  Just a dumb parenting moment where I got kind of sad.

I was reading this book “Monster Parade” to my daughter Alex.  (not a great book.  This is not an endorsement.)  Anyway, we were done the book she started playfully listing all the parades she was looking forward to.

The Santa Clause paraaaaaade, and the pride paraaaaaade, and the Frozen paraaaaaade, and the Max and Ruby paraaaaaaade…”  (yes.  several of those are not real parades.)

That’s when it hit me.  Sitting in my daughter’s room while she listed a bunch of things she’s looking forward to that I know she will not be able to see.  And that really sucks.

So…. has it hit you yet?

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