What’s The Most Romantic DRINK For Valentine’s Day?

By: Jay Marchillo


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Whether you’re doing an at-home-date for two or just drinking for one, why not get a bit fancy.  Check this out: 2000 people were asked to name the most romantic boozy beverages you can drink on a date.  Here are the top 10.  (They were allowed to pick more than one.  And yes, they work just as well on solo dates)


1.  Red wine.  41% of people said it’s one of the most romantic options.
2.  Champagne, 38% say ‘sexy bubbles’ are the way to go
3.  White wine, 37% say the less stainy version of wine is their choise?
4.  Rosé, 29% can’t decide between red and white
5.  Sangria, 26% say fruit salad… with wine
6.  Martinis, 19% are pretentious enough to make these
7.  Beer, 19% know what’s up
8.  Vodka soda, 14% say this is good enough
9.  Gin and tonic, 14% think like Snoop
10. 16% said none of the above, because they’re no fun


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