Mix Mornings BOOK CLUB – July 29

By: Jay Marchillo


Mix Mornings with Jay & Tori

Two really cool books this week, both came to us in different way.

Tori ordered hers during a COVID haze and doesn’t even remember clicking ‘send’ on Amazon, but however this book came inter her possession she’s sure glad it did.  She highly recommends it, but that could be the virus talking.

My book was a gift from my wife, she found it in a used book store and new it was right up my alley.   This books takes the standard trolly problem and goes 10 steps further.  “Oh, you’d kill one person to save 5, would you?  What if there was a button that requred 300lbs of pressure to stop the train and there’s a fat guy standing beside you on a bridge, would you push him off to save the passengers?  How about murdering someone to harvest their organs to save 5 people, isn’t that the same thing?”  It really makes you think and it might make you question some things yo thought you knew about yourself, which is always great.

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